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This is the fundraising page of 2nd Acomb Scout Group. As a charity we are constantly fundraising to support our young people as well as to fund the upkeep of both our HQ and minibus and trailer. 

 As a charitable group we help support the local community and provide activities and adventure for almost 100 children and young people on a weekly basis. As you will have heard recently from Bear Grylls the Scout Association is going from strength to strength and is working hard to provide a fun environment to stop children from getting involved in gangs, keep them off the streets and into organised activities where their energy can be channelled and their enthusiasm harnessed to help them to reach their full potential.  We feel that this is an important role to play and the fact that over a quarter of the young people on roll are in secondary education plays testament to the role we are trying to play.  

Our current fundraising is to help us with a new minibus. 

Our minibus was involved in a minor accident whilst on loan to another scout group earlier in the Autumn. As such the insurance company have just informed us that they deem it uneconomical to repair. This is a devastating blow to our group who relied on the old workhorse to ensure we can continue to provide the activities and camps enabling us to provide the adventure we promise.

We now need to makeup the shortfall from the insurance payout to the costs of a replacement minibus  suitable to carry our young people. 

alternatively if there are any companies that are replacing any minibuses in their own fleet and can help with a minibus or reduction in cost of a vehicle, please get in touch.   

We are now frantically working to raise funds to purchase a replacement bus as soon as possible. We would ask that you share our posts and information about fundraising events and tell everyone that you know about our plight and appeal for help. 

There are companies out there that can help us, they just need to hear about us.

The minibus is pivotal to this so that we can keep a varied and expansive program running. 
Our initial aim is to raise £10000 to purchase a second hand minibus however if we exceed his amount we would purchase a newer minibus or purchase two minibuses to provide transport for all of our group. 
we can offer partial or full full sponsorship of the new minibus.

Please help in any way you can and please use the hashtag, retweet our posts, share our facebook posts and use the hashtag.


Charity Number: 524830

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Please help in any way you can.


2nd Acomb Scout Group

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